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IRVINE, CALIF., June 30, 2015 - Project Insight (, project and portfolio management software provider, has announced its latest version release 12.1 with new and enhanced features, including a new way to manage, save and share project reports. The new functionality ...(more)
by: Denise Rodriguezin:  Project Insight News  
Over the past several weeks you may have noticed a few short outages, and some unusually slow response times. We wanted to let you know that we’re always working hard to improve our service and that we take these things very seriously. We resolved a hardware issue which was contributing to the pr...(more)
by: Steve Westin:  PI DevOps - System Status  Comments (1)
Our visitor first asked about exporting the Time Entry Worksheet and Grid to Excel. That's possible and easy, but the next question is "why?" Well, it turns out that this team (along with many other teams that Wes has worked with over the years) would like to be able to mimic some of the f...(more)
by: Margaret Campbellin:  From the Office Hours  
Once again it's time for "How is Project Insight different from MS Project?" I love this series because Wes is like a mad scientist at his desk trying to make MS Project just that much better. (Muah ha ha!) He does this for you, our customers. All for you. Project Insight does not adjust t...(more)
by: Margaret Campbellin:  From the Office Hours  Comments (1)
When you log into Project Insight for the first time, it take you to a customized Dashboard. This was probably made for you by your PI administrator. They took tender, loving care to ensure that the boxes on that Dashboard page were perfect for the way your team will use Project Insight. B...(more)
by: Amanda Fielderin:  Project Insight Customer Newsletter  
Happy Father's Day from your Customer Success Team! We would like to shout out to all fathers and all those celebrating Father’s Day! We created this tribute to dads everywhere because who doesn’t remember sitting around a record player with their dad, right? We wish you a happy and s...(more)
by: Margaret Campbellin:  Project Insight Customer Newsletter  
Wes called this session a "Webinar-Lite" session. Wes always welcomes these product questions in Office Hours. It just makes for a lighter "From the Office Hours" article. You can read/watch all about this with the following resources: Scorecard (Manual Article) Project Scorecards (Manual A...(more)
by: Margaret Campbellin:  From the Office Hours  
IRVINE, CA, June 16, 2015 – Cloud based project management software provider, Project Insight, announced the release of advanced resource capacity functionality to assist project and resource managers with understanding resource needs. As many project teams have resources that do not work...(more)
by: Denise Rodriguezin:  Project Insight News  
This topic really gets Wes going. He was traveling to Wikipedia articles left, right, up, and down when he tried to explain this one to me. A few of those articles are included here so you too can get a taste of the "Wes Experience" when he gets going on a topic he's passionate about. Please enj...(more)
by: Margaret Campbellin:  From the Office Hours  
We had a great question this session regarding a team really taking interest in their project manager's estimates: This particular team, and I hope your team sees value in this too, made it a priority to show the team members how much time they should spend on each task. For example, if th...(more)
by: Margaret Campbellin:  From the Office Hours