IRVINE, CA, July 12, 2016 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) ( selects Project Insight, ( project management software, to replace WorkFront, formerly AtTask, for its project management needs.

Within a year of using Workfront, the project management tool proved not to be a good fit for all team members. Before implementing Project Insight, the company was facing serious challenges with their data and resources.

“It was very difficult and frustrating to play the guessing game when it came to our projects,” claimed AAPs IT Project Manager.

AAP is Microsoft Project based. Importing and exporting their data from MS Project was a “must have” feature when deciding on their new project management solution - they were in search of a simple and smooth integration between both power systems.

The import feature in Project Insight is a utility to assist in the data entry process for projects and templates previously created in Microsoft Project. Project Insight imports and exports all of the durations, work hours, assignments, percent allocations (using MS default flat percent allocation contour) and predecessors.

This was a key driver when selecting Project Insight. “Overall, Project Insight served a purpose to integrate, centralize and manage all project information. We are able to manage day to day projects and know who was working on what and what phase the projects are in.”


  • Centralized, web based project management
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Simple way to track time and project status
  • Delivered useful metrics and reports

“Project Insight is easy,” shared AAPs IT Project Manager.

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