IRVINE, CA-- Project management software provider, Project Insight ( announces their selection by Veridian Credit Union. Veridian is a full-service financial institution, offering a broad range of products and services for its members. Now, they are Iowa's largest credit union and among the top credit unions in the nation.

As a growing and thriving financial institution, Veridian had many simultaneous projects across numerous departments, including: research and development, project management, business continuity, quality, marketing and creative. Before Project Insight, the team used Excel to track projects. Project communication occurred in email with a lot of back and forth between the project management and creative teams. Other challenges the team faced included:

- Lots of project communication occurred via email and was not centralized
- No clear visibility on what project resources were working on or if they were overbooked
- The team is scattered throughout the state and shared documents on network, causing version control issues
- Reports were generated manually and shared through meetings and emails

The in-house agency had little in place to manage projects, which was causing the project team to scramble to meet deadlines. As a result, there was a collective push to seek a new project management solution. The team at Veridian developed a list of requirements and sought out a project. Project Insight was selected and benefits the project team at Veridian has experienced include:

- Centralizes communication to increase communication and efficiency
- Provides a global view of the organization's projects and up-to-date reports
- Gives a view into what resources are working on
- Manages documents and routes for approval

Veridian has created a team project dashboard, which allows them to prioritize projects better. The project manager's time is split between internal and external projects. For example, 25% of her time is spent on external projects. Now, with Project Insight, the project manager can track time and show how much is spent in each category.

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