ZERO Expertise Required

Not everyone works the same way. Project Insight is easily customizable not only at the organizational level, but per user as well. The best part? No IT team needed.

Customize the user experience:

Dashboards: View the items that matter most to you, with the display that suits you best. Save multiple homepages and dashboards for one-click access to the most pertinent information.
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Display Options: Our display option icon: Page Display Options allows you to customize how you view reports, project schedules, calendars, the time entry grid, task list, and more. Add and remove columns, group by and filter specific criteria, rearrange items on your dashboard - it's up to you.
Custom Labels: With PI you can easily relabel every field in the system. Simplify your implementation by using terms that are native to your organization. Global teams can apply the correct language for each user.

Expand PI's functionality:

  Custom Fields Items Workflows
Custom Fields: PI administrators can add in the software, allowing you to capture all the data your business requires. Available data fields include date pickers, select lists, text boxes, pull down menus, radial buttons - the list goes on and on!
Custom Items: PI administrators can create new custom forms in the software and determine which areas they should appear in. Common custom items include: risk registers, vacation request forms, vendor scorecards, and surveys.
Multi-step forms: Multi-step forms take custom fields and items to the next level. These forms allow project teams to take any process document that might be tracked in Word or Excel, and transform it into a dynamic form within Project Insight. Administrators can set up forms to capture all the necessary data, route portions of the form for approval and use 'visibility rules' to drive the fields that appear in the form.
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Connectors: Project Insight offers out-of-the-box integrations, or connectors, to help you streamline your process and reduce double data entry, without the hassle of hard-coding. Current integrations include:

Box Integration Box (BETA)
Box Integration Microsoft Outlook™
Box Integration Microsoft Office™
MS Project Microsoft Project™
Quickbooks Quickbooks
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A Touch of Expertise

We offer several ways to modify Project Insight so that it can be tailored to fit your exact business process needs. The below options require some IT expertise, but our professional services team can assist with any customization you'd like to apply.

SSO - Streamline your login process

PI supports multiple mainstream methods of Single Sign-On including:
Single Sign-On
  • ADFS 2.0
  • SAML 2.0

  • JavasScript - Add functionality and custom styling
Anything you can do with JavaScript you can apply to items in Project Insight, including:
  • Create new data inputs
  • Add even more functionality to your custom defined forms
  • Pre-populate forms by mapping existing data from your other apps right into Project Insight
  • No C#, VB.NET, Visual Studio, SDK, or API knowledge required
  • External Integrations - Quickly connect to other applications
Link Project Insight to your CRM, help desk, and other apps:
  • Easily escalate support cases to issues in PI
External Integration

Developers, this one's for you

Take Project Insight to the next level by utilizing our Developer Toolkit which includes REST APIs, Web Services and SDKs. If you're looking to expand your own application into the SaaS market you can even use PI as your multi-tenant platform. Here's just a few examples of third party applications Project Insight has been integrated with:

  • Web Services APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) - Integrate your Project Insight
Web Services APIs facilitate communication between two software applications using a standard language.
  • Download time entries, project lists, invoice records and more from PI to outside applications
  • Create projects, tasks, issues and more from outside applications
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  • SDK (Software Development Kit) - Customize your Project Insight to the fullest developers can use the tools they know and love - Visual Studio and C# - to completely modify PI.
  • Extend the application to accommodate complex processes
  • Create custom hybrid reports
  • Develop entirely new modules and functions
  • PI as a Platform - Build your own enterprise
Software developers with their own SaaS products can expand their feature set with Project Insight.
  • Break into the SaaS market using PI as your multi-tenant platform
  • Build your software on top of Project Insight for a project management and collaboration base
Pantera Tools SOE

Turn project work into Project Insight

90% of the project teams we talk to use Excel, MS Project desktop, white boards and sticky notes to manage projects. Now, there’s a better way! Centralize your projects to gain insight into your portfolio and resources.