Request Support from the Project Insight application

Request Support from Project Insight

Project Insight software users may request support directly from within the application. Our support team loves this option as it provides the team with the page your question or issue is coming from, as well as the browser you are using. Getting all this information up front allows our team to answer your question more efficiently.

You'll receive a case confirmation email with a ticket number for easy reference.

Watch recorded or live webinar trainings

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We have over 150 hours of recorded training sessions in our video archive. We also offer over 12 live webinars per month on various project management, IT methodology and product topics.

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Search the Project Insight Community for FAQs

We offer an extensive Community of frequently asked questions (FAQs). You can access the Community from the project management software or the Project Insight website. Simply type in your question or keywords and a list of resources appears instantly. Choose from FAQs, videos, blog posts and more!

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Post a question in the Community Forum

Exclusive to Project Insight customers, we offer forums for questions and answers. Once you are logged into Project Insight, you may access the Community from the help icon and navigate to the forums. Posting questions in the forum allows not only our tech team, but also other customers to answer your query.
Project Insight Forum

Support Policy and Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Responsive customer service is one of our highest priorities here at Project Insight. When you submit a support ticket, you will receive an email with a ticket number immediately. We categorize your questions/issues by priority.

The SLA is as follows:

Classification Description Response Time Resolution Time
1 - Critical Business critical function is down
Major impact to Customer's business
No workarounds exist
As soon as possible, using reasonable commercial efforts, but no more than 1 hour 24 hours
2 - Major Business critical function is impaired or degraded
There are time-sensitive issues that impact ongoing production
Workaround exists, but it is only temporary
4 hours 2 days
3 - Minor Non-critical function down or impaired
Does not have significant current production impact
Performance is degraded
1 business day 4 weeks
4 - Low Non-critical, function down or impaired
No business impact
Generic service enhancements
1 business day Mutually agreed timeframe based on prioritization