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Executives and Project Management Software Stop Worrying. Start Winning.

Executives often worry about projects going over budget or getting behind schedule. Time is money and losing time can mean the difference between a profitable bottom line and being in 'the red.' Often executives do not have access to decent real-time information until it is too late. Similarly, they spend too much time aggregating information for reports and by the time they have gathered that data, it is already out of date!

Project Insight provides insight into all projects in the portfolio with clearly marked health indicators letting executives know if a project is on track or in danger of getting behind schedule. Real time information is displayed either as their default portal page, or as a saved report or 'quick link.' All information is available in real-time at any time of day or night.

Benefits of Project Insight

  • Executives have access to the data they need to make informed decisions
  • Portfolio budgetary figures are available, which automatically calculates planned versus actual, planned versus earned value, portfolio recovery cost and more
  • Executives save valuable time because the hours they once spent gathering information may be spent analyzing information

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