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Project Teams

Web Project Management for Teams Stop Wondering. Start Working.

Project team members do not always know what project tasks they should be working on and in what order. Task priority can be an issue, especially if team members have tasks on multiple projects. Being assigned to multiple schedules causes conflicting task assignments.

Project Insight is web-based project management software, centralizing all projects in one place. Team member tasks are automatically distributed to team members' portals. Project Insight gives team members a list of My Tasks so there is no question about what they should work on. The time entry grid provides team members with a list of the projects and tasks that they are to be working on that week. This view provides them one simple place to update percentage complete and actual hours.

Benefits of Project Insight

  • Team members' tasks are automatically distributed to their portals so they know what tasks to work on
  • Team members may sort tasks by start or end date so they know which tasks are starting and coming up
  • Project priority is reflected in 'traffic light' indicators displaying urgency of the project

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