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Flexible Customization Options

Everyone has heard of the 80/20 rule. When shopping for an enterprise project management solution, most people agree that their final software selection may offer only 80% of the features they are looking for. Rarely do they find a software solution that fits all their requirements.

With Project Insight, you can have a 100% perfect fit. Our project management software was designed to be customized. We offer several options for modifying the software so Project Insight can be customized to fit your exact business process needs.

Option 1 - Custom Fields

Project Insight administrators can add up to 40 unique fields in the software at either the task or project level, allowing you to capture all the data your business requires.

Option 2- Custom Items

Project Insight administrators can create new custom forms in the software and determine which areas they should appear in. These custom items can have multiple data fields of varying types, such as date pickers, select lists, text boxes, pull down menus and more. This way your project team and executive management can track and report on exactly the data required.

Option 3 - Web Services APIs and Integration

Project Insight offers Web Services application programming interfaces (APIs) that may be used to integrate with any other software application, whether you have a hosted instance of Project Insight, or an installed edition.

The Web Services APIs can be used to automate downloading or creating time and billing information, invoices, projects and tasks, adding or updating companies and users and more. More Web Services Information...

Option 4 - Software Development Kit (SDK)

If you purchase an installed edition of the project software, you may also invest in the SDK. This allows your .NET programmers to extend the application through accessing the class libraries. One Project Insight customer extended the base software application by adding 200 data fields to follow their particular project and business process.

Project Insight may be integrated with other enterprise software using the SDK. All time and cost, schedule dates, tasks and general entries are stored in logically organized SQL Server tables. ODBC, linked servers or XML web services can be used to integrate Project Insight data with other enterprise software systems. As long as your enterprise system is ODBC compliant, it can be synched up with Project Insight. More SDK Information...

Option 5 - Professional Services

If your IT team is overloaded, or you simply do not have the in-house expertise needed to customize the project management solution, you may hire Project Insight's team. Metafuse offers Professional Services to our customers. We have conducted customization projects that range from adding a few custom fields to the software to full blown integrations with accounting, help desk, CRM and other enterprise software solutions.

Our Professional Services team has performed integrations with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Microsoft Dynamics Solomon, Sage's MAS90 and MAS500, SAO and Crystal Reports, to name just a few. Metafuse is a Microsoft Certified Partner, so you can be sure that the work software programming performed is of the highest quality.

Option 6- Branding

Any Project Insight project solution can be branded. Our team incorporates your organization's colors and logos throughout the site so your project management software looks like a tool that you built internally. We have found that branding helps teams adopt and take ownership of Project Insight. If you plan to use the web-based project management software with outside customers, partners, vendors, consultants or sub-contractors, branding gives you an edge against your competitors.

Option 7- Reports

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