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Project Insight Web Services

Project Insight offers Web Services application programming interfaces (APIs) that may be used to integrate with any other application, whether you have a hosted instance of Project Insight, or an installed edition.

A Web Service is a software system designed to support communication between applications over the web using standard web protocols. Web Services are Web APIs that can be accessed over a network or the Internet, and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services.

Integrations are much simpler with web services since developers don't have to write code directly against the database. With systems that don't have web services, or other documented SDK software, developers have to be very familiar with the table structure of an application. With Web Services, developers can work within an easy to understand, documented API without writing code directly against the database, significantly simplifying the integration process and reducing errors.

Project Insight's Web Services APIs facilitate communication between two software applications using a standard language. It is flexible and easy for .NET developers, and developers familiar with the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)/web services methodologies, to use and can save up to 90% of the time needed to create and manage integrations.

Metafuse now provides a Web Services interface to Project Insight for software programmers to work within. We also provide examples for developers to use and learn from. Our Web Services run over the same ports as a browser (port 80 or 443, if SSL is employed).

Available Web Services

Web Service Description
Company Service Company service contains methods for obtaining Project Insight companies and creating and/or updating companies.
Custom Field Service Custom Field service contains methods to access or update the custom fields from Project Insight.
Invoice Service Invoice service contains methods to access or create invoice records.
Project and Task Service Project and Task service is used to access, create and update projects and tasks.
Reference Service Reference service contains methods used to obtain global references for countries, regions time zones etc.
Time and Billing Service Time and Billing service contains methods to access, create and update time and expense data and/or to download time sheets and expense reports from Project Insight.
User Service User service contains methods for obtaining a list of the users in the Project Insight system and creating and updating users.

All web services allow you to read or "get" information from Project Insight to use in other applications or reporting. Most web services also allow you to create or update information in Project Insight from other applications without directly accessing the Project Insight database.

Project Insight web services also come with a small Windows application that helps programmers understand the web services through easy to understand examples.

Additionally, there is a getting started document, full Project Insight web services help and a sample application complete with sample code.

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