Project Insight Product Training Overview

For many of our customers, implementing an enterprise portfolio and project management solution is a paradigm shift. If you are moving from using single user desktop applications like Excel and Microsoft Project, to a truly collaborative project management software system, there are some changes that your team will need to make. We have developed many resources and training programs, so your implementation goes smoothly.

The Project Insight resources to help with your software implementation include: product webinars, online tutorials, a Knowledgebase filled with articles, context sensitive tool tips, self-service FAQs, and an implementation and adoption blog in the Project Insight Community. We have additional programs offered through our Professional Services team including: customized onsite product training, business process training, project template creation, project management training and more.

Product Training Webinars

The Product Training Webinars are designed to show your team how to perform functions within the project management system. We offer over 20 unique product training webinars that apply to team members of all levels ranging from the most experienced, involved project manager to the most basic team member that simply manages their tasks. The product training webinars rotate weekly and monthly. Project Insight customers can attend an unlimited number of both basic and advanced live sessions with a product trainer or view recordings at any time in our Project Insight Community.

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Project Insight Best Practices Webinars

We want your implementation to be successful. The Project Insight Best Practices Webinars are the extra piece that will ease your team into adopting new enterprise portfolio and project management software. Best Practices are defined as the processes, practices and systems identified that perform exceptionally well and are widely recognized as improving an organization's performance and efficiency. The Project Insight Best Practices Webinars work hand in hand with the Product Training Webinars by explaining why one should use Project Insight, web based project management software a certain way.

One-on-One Team Training

If you still have questions after attending the group webinars, then our specialized team training might be right for you. Whether via webinar or onsite, our trainers can help you with specific product or business process questions. We tailor customer training sessions to fit your needs and conduct training over the web or onsite for your project team.

Business Process Training

Because many teams need to either refine or decide upon their best business processes, we business process consulting. Our PMP certified consultants will help you decide upon, document and implement your best practices and processes. Because they are Project Insight specialists, they make process recommendations with our software in mind.

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