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These previously recorded webinar sessions are perfect for new team members and Project Insight users that are just getting started with the software.
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These webinars have been designed to provide stakeholders, business users and IT practitioners with an understanding of an integrated IT methodology and how it can be scaled and leveraged to help better deliver and maintain products, projects and business applications. We cover both formal IT methodology and agile methodology.
Leadership and Executive Management Webinars (2 new, 17 total)
These webinars are designed for anyone that wants to enhance her or his leadership skills. Whether you are already in the C-Suite of your organization, aspire to the C-Suite, or want to lead your team better, then check these topics out. Who Should Attend: These webinars are intended for a wide audience of business people, whether CEO, CFO, COO, CTO, CIO, PMO Director, project sponsors, business unit managers, portfolio managers, program/project managers, project team members, auditors. These webinars are for individuals who desire to improve their ability to inspire and lead teams.
PMI Project Management Webinars (5 new, 77 total)
These previously recorded webinar sessions are meant to introduce Project Insight users to the tools and techniques of the PMI PMBOK Guide, and to provide insight into the key concepts and techniques used by project managers across the globe to successfully complete projects.
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These previously recorded webinar sessions are for more advanced Project Insight users, and cover a variety of topics.
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Learn how to utilize various best practices in Project Insight with Founder and Principle, Jeff Berkel in this webinars series.