Real-time Updates

Real-time Actual Profit Bar Chart Report

Nothing drives executives crazier than finding out too late that a project is going over budget. Often times, the delay in relevant information means that executives cannot act in time to save the organization's profit. That is why having real time budgets and costing information across all portfolios is imperative.

  • Access the latest project information without waiting for data to be aggregated
  • Know which projects are behind schedule and costing more than the plan
  • Understand all elements of project and portfolio costs

Powerful Reporting

With Project Insight you have immediate access to hundreds of project and portfolio reports. Run reports graphically as bar, pie, or line charts, or utilize the table view. Dynamic dates makes routine reporting even easier.

  • Create, save and share custom reports
  • One click navigation to any saved or shared report
  • Generate project, milestone or task level reports
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Table Display of Work vs Actual Totals Report

Multiple Dashboards

Graphical Reports and Task List Displays On Multiple Dashboard Examples

Project Insight allows executives, sponsors, project managers, resource managers, and team members, whether client, partner, sub-contractor or freelance, to set up and access pertinent data in real-time. Because no two people are the same, Project Insight is flexible and allows each individual to easily create the dashboards they need.

  • Create, save and share multiple dashboards
  • Choose from twelve dashboard layouts
  • View real-time reports, updates and more upon login
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Budgeting vs Actual Report with Bar Chart and Table View

Keep track of project costs and maximize your profits. In PI you can capture project costs in labor hours, non labor costs, or expenses. With real-time financial information you will know straight away if actual costs begin to supercede project estimates.

  • View a quick summary of project budgets
  • Know at a glance if the project is on time and within budget
  • Report at the portfolio level and roll up by organization, department, sponsor and more
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Project Prioritization

Project prioritization is a necessary tool to make sure your company is working on the most beneficial projects with the highest returns. Project scorecards in PI allow you to weigh projects based on parameters you determine, providing a fast, easy way to decide what projects move forward and which ones are put on hold.

Customizable Project Scorecard Key Performance Indicator Examples
  • Customize your company's scorecard
  • Rate and weigh projects based on your goals
  • Generate weighted scores automatically
  • More on Project Prioritization

Turn project work into Project Insight

90% of the project teams we talk to use Excel, MS Project desktop, white boards and sticky notes to manage projects. Now, there’s a better way! Centralize your projects to gain insight into your portfolio and resources.