Project Templates

Create Project from Template

While not every project is the same, many projects have similar tasks, documents, alerts, approvals and more. Project Insight allows you to create and save project templates for future use. Why reinvent the wheel each time you launch a new project?

  • Create a new project in just a few mouse clicks
  • Standardize your processes & refine them over time
  • Simplify the learning process for new team members
  • Refine your projects and constantly improve over time
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Project Requests

Project Request Form

Empower your team to submit project requests and still keep the process standardized. Project Insight gives you the ability to assign a project request to a resource and have it routed for approval. Once approved, simply create a new project directly from the project request form. This carries all information from the initial project request form to the new project. Say good-bye to double entry!

  • Route new project requests for approval
  • Track who has approved or denied a project request
  • Eliminate double entry and reduce chance of error
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Project Prioritization

Chances are that your team has more projects than time to perform them. How do you prioritize your portfolio of projects? Project Insight allows you to customize a scorecard based on your organization's key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical success factors (CSFs). Rank your project's importance based on your organizational goals and focus on your most valuable projects!

Project Scorecard
  • Define your organization's goal, KPIs and CSFs in the scorecard
  • Automatically rate and weigh projects based on company goals
  • Identify your most strategically aligned projects
  • View and learn from your scorecard history
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Resource Allocation

With more projects than actual resources to perform work - how can you effectively manage and balance your resource workloads across multiple projects? Project Insight's resource allocation gives you visibility to the entire organization's workload. Graphical displays and powerful reporting give you the information you need to balance the workload, effectively swap out resources, assign tasks by skill set and much more.

Resource allocation report
  • Drill down to see each team member's projects and tasks in resource allocation reports
  • Assign team members to projects by group, department or company
  • Forecast workloads for all resources on upcoming projects
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Intelligent Scheduling

Intelligent scheduling, gantt chart view

There are plenty of reasons why a project schedule gets delayed. And it can be quite tedious to adjust all of the various tasks and resources involved in spreadsheets or less dynamic tools. Project Insight leverages all task dependencies and types. This allows the intelligent scheduling to shift an entire schedule out with just a couple of clicks.

  • Edit schedules in line at the speed of a desktop application
  • Import and export projects from Microsoft Project®
  • Shift an entire schedule out with drag and drop capability
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Powerful Reporting

Project Request Form

All project managers have their preferred way of viewing information. Project Insight comes with 100s of standard reports that can be easily customized to your liking. Don't worry – no programming is required. Simply use the display options to select columns and roll up data in various ways.

  • Run real time portfolio and project reports
  • Tailor up to 100s of standard reports to your liking
  • Create, save and share custom reports with your team
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Turn project work into Project Insight

90% of the project teams we talk to use Excel, MS Project desktop, white boards and sticky notes to manage projects. Now, there’s a better way! Centralize your projects to gain insight into your portfolio and resources.