Responsive customer service

We're often told by our customers and prospective customers that we are the most responsive vendor that they've ever worked with.

"Your trainer has been phenomenal… He's great at getting support from all levels of the company. He's on fire about project management and that enthusiasm spreads to our team members."

Work hard, play hard culture

Being responsive means we go the extra mile, which means hard work. To balance that, we like to have fun as a team too.

Flexible work hours

Because we all have lives outside of work, we believe in treating folks like grown ups. There's a lot of flexibility that goes along with being responsible.

Move up!

We grow our own talent here in many cases. We hire young people, give them a chance to work on projects across the company, and then move up into the area or department that interests them the most.

Give to others

We feel fortunate to have a great place to work and realize that others may not be as fortunate. That's why we make a concerted effort to give back.


Developing the best product in the market is a passion and a culture. We encourage our team members to push the boundaries of the status quo the same way we expect Project Insight reach new heights daily.