Custom JavaScript on Forms

Loading custom JavaScript for forms and in the global interface is done using the Custom Culture Settings. You will use the feature for editing custom labels on forms in order to write custom code into the pages and/or into the global interface. Please familiarize yourself with the hyperlinked referenced topics above before you proceed.

1. Invoke the editing on forms option for the custom culture within which you would like to use your custom JavaScript code.

2. For global use JavaScript code you will need to click the link to Show Additional Editable Text within the Custom Culture Settings page. Remember to click the link in the text and NOT the label edit icon to the left of the text.

3. You will now have the option to insert your  custom JavaScript code for the specific page you were on or as part of the global JavaScript.

Please note that this article refers to developer tools used by Project Insight Professional Services and that these tools are not intended for use by any one other than experienced programmers. Professional Services can be procured to assist in programming using these tools and must be procured in the event that support is required for customizations to the JavaScript code.
Online 11/25/2013