Data Types

The API returns JSON objects. The objects themselves may also return strings, arrays, or list data types. For most 'POST' and 'PUT' methods, you may build a JSON object, which will pass as a parameter.


	curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' 

Response Body
			"Task": {
				"SummaryTask_Id": null,
				"Project_Id": "b11976d9-011a-4f56-a792-074735d4acf3",
				"IsSummaryTask": false,
				"DurationSeconds": 432000,
				"WorkSeconds": 324000,
				"StartDateTimeUTC": "2015-11-16T16:00:00Z",
				"EndDateTimeUTC": "2015-12-05T01:00:00Z",
				"WorkPercentComplete": 0.00,
				"WorkPercentCompleteType_Id": "b26b93d3-693b-4287-aaaf-ad92d7a2f265",
				"CustomFieldValue_Id": "bf403bde-b6af-4bb2-b1b3-db89b3184da5",
				"Name": "IMPLEMENT:  Configure Docmosis Documents Boost",
				"Id": "70d04ac5-a8d4-4338-8d79-f3494b85bd15",
				"IdExternal": null
			"ActualHours": 1.00000,
			"Id": "395d1e95-3354-45bd-a004-86bbec6b0691",
			"IdExternal": null
The JSON object returns a list of projects with only the Id, ActualHours and Task properties.

Response Objects/Properties

In the example above, we retrieved a single Task object with specific properties. You can specify which properties you want to retrieve in a special parameter called ModelProperties

Default Properties on Models

Important tip to note: when you don't set a property, Project Insight will default them for you. If you provide a value on a property and send a request as a JSON, Project Insight expects to set the property value of null, unless a value is set by the user.

Online 12/6/2017