"When is it time to consider PM software? As of today, we are working with a home grown tool, and although it does the job, it’s not time and process efficient. I really want to pitch the idea of a project management solution to my leadership team, but I’m afraid they might think the timing is not right because the ‘job is getting done’. What do you suggest?"

Now. If you’ve found your way to this blog then you know in your gut that now is the time.

Project management (PM) software is kind of a catch all term. It can mean anything from using MS Excel spreadsheets to a full blown, multi-featured software like Project Insight. As your business grows, it’s inevitable and natural that you’re going to need to upgrade to more a sophisticated solution.

I think it’s time for you to do some solid research. Create a good strong list of all the things you currently use your system to do and then also think through all the things you wish it could do. Once you’ve got that list then start putting some time estimates to how long it takes to do each one in your current system vs how long you think it would take in a new system. In the end, you have to determine the cost of productivity and software to make your case.

As your research develops it’s going to give you the strong data you need to pitch the idea of a new PM solution to your leadership team. Hopefully they’ll also be impressed you cared enough to put together the research!

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Introducing PI#Team

A New Era of Project Management

For the last 15 years, Project Insight (PI®) has been at the forefront of online project management software, providing services to enterprise and mid-market companies like Dell, GAP, CISCO and many others. Recently, PI launched a FREE patent-pending service called PI#team™--a simple project management app that connects teams through apps like Slack to streamline and engage team members. PI#team is designed to provide a simple, collaborative and flexible interface to keep teams, tasks and projects in one place.

 PI#team offers the best built-in features, including our artificially intelligent VirtualPM™, helping to increase team productivity and engagement. Using a virtual character called a VirtualPM™, the user is inspired, cajoled, joked with and even insulted depending on which personality type the user chooses. The VirtualPM™ uses artificial intelligence to ask questions and manage responses so the end-user never has to memorize any codes or logins to submit time, ask for next tasks, and more. Pay only for the features you need with the freedom to add-on tools for project management success.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Angela PM is the executive leader of Project Insight’s latest project management platform, PI#team. She is a natural born leader and of course, Project Management is her passion. Angela is a Project Management Consultant with over 15 years of experience managing complex website projects. She has worked her tail off to become the best professional in her industry. Many in her field respect, admire and even fear the amount of dedication and detail she puts into her work. Her expertise, coupled with her positive and straight-forward attitude make her the perfect person to get industry insight from.

Online 9/1/2017
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