Nuh-uh! Yes it does!

The work column in MS Project is not default in your MS Project project plan. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Instead, if you enter a duration for your task, MS Project multiplies the duration by your standard work day - typically 8 hours. The calculations in MS Project, like the calculation in Project Insight, require Work Hours to know how complete a project is.

To be more specific: Work, Duration and Resource Percent Allocation defaults in MS Project such that the work hours must be adjusted by changing the percentage of the resource's workday assigned to the task. To make a five day task into 20 hours of work for a single, 40 hour/week resource you change the allocation to 50%.

In Project Insight, the default is to make the duration five days, the work hours 20 hours and the resource assignment will automatically adjust to 50%.

Both PI and MS Project allow you to change this default, but the default is different if you don't change the out-of-the-box settings.

Isn't that cool to know? I mean, here I was thinking that MS Project is missing something that PI allows you to specify. Where in reality, MS Project and PI have similar functions, they just default differently.

Let me know your thoughts. Would you like more information? Would you like this information presented differently? Would you like me to post more pictures? I want to accommodate your requests, but you have to comment first. Those are the rules.

Online 5/25/2015
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