To quote Wes in the Office Hours, "Sprints are freakin' easy with Project Insight."

Drag and Drop

You have the Drag and Drop features of the Task List page. There is a quick video about Dragging and Dropping Tasks to help demonstrate the "how to." Once you know the 'how to,' you can use this knowledge to move tasks from a bucket called "High Priority" or "Low Priority" or "Current Backlog" or "Completed Tasks" or whatever buckets you would like to make and then drag and drop those tasks around.

Add Task From a Template

You can Create and Reuse Project Templates with Project Insight. That you probably already know. What you may not know is that you can add tasks or groups of tasks from those templates. By selecting, "Add Task from Template" in the right corner menu options (See the icon that says "Add Task") you will be taken to an interface that asks you to choose the template, then choose the tasks to add, then tell PI where to put it.

It's that easy. Wash, rinse, repeat to make your sprints each week.

Task Multiplier

We also recommend learning how to use the Work/Duration Multiplier to make Sprints even easier. The Work Duration Multiplier within Project Insight can grab all tasks within a sub-task set to lengthen or shorten with multiplication. However, this is a calculation tool, not a reasoning tool. All the tasks selected will be be shortened or lengthened by math. For example, if you choose a 1 day task and multiply it by 5, it now becomes a work-week long task. Yay!

Oh, I almost forgot: To use the Work/Duration Multiplier tool, right click with your mouse on the task (or Summary Task) that you wish to multiply. Then select "Work/Duration Multiplier" at the bottom of the list. Tah-dah!

Want to know more?

You can read about our sample set up: How to set up Project Insight for Agile Methodology Work or you can make up your own. Let us know what kind of methodology works best for you and your team.

Agile is a hot topic in Project Management. I have been known to say that "Agile is the coolest thing in Project Management since the Gantt chart." Do you agree? How does you team use Agile methodology with Project Insight? Many of our teams use an Agile/Waterfall methodology mix. I've heard it called "Wagile" from one client.

Are you that client who originally said that to me (because I don't remember)? Then write me in the comments below!

Online 5/29/2015
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