We were joined by some saavy Project Managers in our last Office Hours session. It was our pleasure to walk them through some of the distinct difference between MS Project and Project Insight. We know, we know: MS Project is the authority on pm software. Mainly because it's old and it's Microsoft - that giant of all desktop application providers. With that said, there is lots to love between PI and MS Project. We even offer a Microsoft Project Import and Export Feature.

Wes started thinking: There is a long list of ways to make MS Project behave more like PI:

If you are using the MS Project Import/Export feature, it is important to keep the solutions as similar as possible. Less adjustments between solutions = happier Project Managers.

What do you think? What features do you know and love from Project Insight that you cannot seem to replicate in MS Project? Leave me a note in the comments about your MS Project/PI use and compatibility. I would love to explore this topic more.

Online 5/22/2015
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