We had a great question this session regarding a team really taking interest in their project manager's estimates:

This particular team, and I hope your team sees value in this too, made it a priority to show the team members how much time they should spend on each task. For example, if the PM puts 10 hours in the Work Hours column, they fully intend for this work to take 10 hours. While the resource is working on the task, it becomes an open dialog between the PM and the resource to discuss if this was a reasonable estimate.

The idea of the Project Manager in Office Hours was "How can I add this Work Assignment to their time entry grid? That way, when they are entering their time each day, they can see how long the PM expected them to work on the task."

Great question! And it's a question that the creators of Project Insight really wanted our teams to take advantage of.

Each team member can visit the "Page Display Options" in the top right corner of the screen to make changes to their own views. Administrators can make those changes too and set the views as Default Views. However the columns are set, the best columns to use are:

  • Work Hours: The total work hours for the task (probably won't use this, but it might be interesting)
  • My Work Hours: The total work hours for your resource's portion of the task
  • My Actual Hours: The total hours of time entry you have to date

Task list with filters

That was pretty impressive to me. I was super glad to know that there are teams that really care about the project management process and improving their team through solid project management practices. What kind of PMI practices does your team incorporate into their use of Project Insight? Let me know in the comments!

Online 6/12/2015
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