Clearly we have quite a few MS Project users in our midst. It makes sense. Serious project managers use MS Project. Serious project managers use Project Insight. Project Insight has often been called "MS Project on steroids" because we take the functionality of MS Project and make that information transparent. It is a natural progression from MS Project to Project Insight.

Like all good growing up stories, there are some growing pains between making that transition. Wes helped discuss some of those distinct differences between MS Project and Project Insight in a previous session of Office Hours. Today's topic, specifically, addressed the concept of Master Projects and Sub-Projects.

In all actuality, MS Project has a concept of Master Project and Sub-project in the desktop version of MS Project. Even Microsoft doesn't use the concept of Master Project when they move into the MS Project Server.

According to an MS Project expert article referenced here , MS Project server can offer you "views and reports for branches and divisions" to help display the data rather than try to contain them in one master project. Sound familiar? It sounds to me like Project Insight. If you need to see certain projects group together, you can do this through PI's Master Folder feature.

Mark program level folders as “Master Folders” to enable reporting by Program or Master Project. You can read about it in the Release Notes from PI Version 10 (Ctrl+F “Master Folder”). These folders only work as “sibling” folders – it will not work with folders who have parent/child relationships.

Tell me a little about how you use MS Project and Project Insight. I want to hear about it in the comments. Seriously, please comment. Please.

Online 6/1/2015
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