Once again it's time for "How is Project Insight different from MS Project?" I love this series because Wes is like a mad scientist at his desk trying to make MS Project just that much better. (Muah ha ha!) He does this for you, our customers. All for you.

Project Insight does not adjust the project schedule with Actual Start/End Dates. This is unlike MS Project.

MS Project makes the entirely logical assumption that the person who is updating the actual dates is the project manager. In MS Project's "one PM and his/her desktop application" worldview, none of the other resources are updating the Project file. The PMs the only one using the file. Ergo, if the project manager is changing the actual dates, it is often used for the purpose of changing the schedule.

Project Insight's default is the opposite because the resources are updating their own task actual start and end dates and the project manager wants those dates for comparison and decision making purposes. The project manager usually does not want the schedule to change until after the differences between scheduled and actual have been reviewed and determined to warrant a schedule change.

Project Insight tasks can be set to adjust based on the input of the actual dates, but this is rarely recommended. IF there are special tasks where you assign a trusted resource who is well aware that their changes will affect the work breakdown structure, then you can set different choices at the task, project, or global level. These settings can adjust the schedule automatically based on their updates to the actual start and finish dates.

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Online 6/19/2015
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