New website, who's this?

Have you noticed? We've been making some major changes around here, all for our users! We're proud to announce that after hours of creative brainstorming, meeting of the minds and coding, our team came together to overhaul our website and give it a new look. Project Insight, recently named Best Project Management Solution, is introducing the site as a modern centralized hub for businesses at every stage. Our fully redesigned website offers quick and easy access to our three different product platforms, features, and services.

For those "just browsing," now you can easily discover, customize, and go in our new website interface.


PI® is more than just project management software. In our newly redesigned Project Insight Community, you'll find free resources to help your team Work Better Together™. Sign up for free on demand webinars, read blogs written by industry experts, and explore our video library for product training and previously recorded webinars.

Easily view our customer success stories and get insight as to "Why PI" if you're considering a new software for your project management needs.


Project Insight is making project management solutions accessible for every team and budget. Explore which of our three platforms is a fit for your team. We offer solutions ranging from free, small business, to enterprise. Your team will never have to outgrow their software, simply upgrade instead! 


Project Insight makes it easy to utilize any of our free resources to ensure project success. When you're ready to help your team Work Better Together, click below to get a free demo of our award-winning software.

Get 10% off when you sign up in the month of February!

For Project Insight customers, get inspired and get connected in our new project management hub.

Get Inspired

Check out our newly redesigned Project Insight Community for on demand webinars, read the latest blogs from industry experts, and get better tips on how to foster team communication for project success! Easily submit support tickets, get product training or access our help center.

Get Connected

Similar to our software, our website is designed with you in mind. Find a variety of small, but impactful changes to the menu to help you easily navigate through the website with a single click.

Get 10% off your next renewal by referring a friend!


Looking ahead, we're working day in and day out to improve your overall user experience both on our website and in our software!

“2017 was a year of hard work and innovation for our company. We introduced two new platforms, PI#team™ and PI#smallbiz™ as well as our VirtualPM™ for Slack integration, among others. Highlighting our accomplishments and providing real value for our visitors and customers was the ultimate goal in redesigning our website and bringing it all to life,"

said Kevin Perkins, Marketing Director at Project Insight. “As a company, we continue to pursue innovation. As a culture, we strive to provide our users with the quality and tools they need to succeed.”

Until the next round of updates, we'll keep you in the loop 😉.

To explore and experience the new Project Insight website, click here. Read the official press release here.

Questions or comments? Feel free to leave them below!

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