So you’re excited about this search for a project management solution that’s going to bring new life to your team! But where do you start? If you still have 'loose ends' and unanswered questions, here’s a good starting point – the do’s and don’ts. We all like to know the pros and cons of our decisions, right?

It’s important to focus on the positives, but for the well-being of your team and organization, considering the negative or ‘don’ts’ is equally important to make sure you make the right choice. Accounting for both sides will help you stay on track and will help to move your process faster.


  • Do have an idea of the top 4 or 5 needs your team is focusing on when searching for software
  • Do make sure you have some leadership support for this search
  • Do have a budget range in mind (falling in love with something you can’t have is a bad idea)
  • Do allow your team to give feedback, but stay focused on the top 4-5 needs
  • Do have a process in place to evaluate software, create deadlines and track your progress
  • Do look at all aspects of a vendor, great products are great, but great vendors are better
  • Do stay open and honest with vendors, they will do the same if you’re willing to


  • Don’t, I repeat don’t, shop solely on price - you want what’s right, not what’s cheap
  • Don’t let your process drag out, time is not your friend and it’s easy to hit a snag
  • Don’t let a squeaky wheel on your team halt your progress, this is a greater good effort
  • Don’t get distracted by shiny objects, focus on your needs and not the 'cool things' you won’t use
  • Don’t let deadlines slip, make decisions with educated confidence and keep moving
  • Don’t forget to consider the vendor-client relationship (a bad relationship isn’t worth a pretty software)
  • Don’t hide from your vendors - just be honest (it's OK to say no)

This process can be exciting and exhausting all at once. Just remember to keep progressing and ultimately decide on a vendor and solution that’s going to work hard for you!

Online 1/26/2016
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