Think you’re alone? Think again.

So you started out excited and motivated to find the ultimate software for your team and suddenly now you realize this is more than you signed up for.

This is very normal, kind of like getting cold feet before your wedding or any other life changing event. Don’t let fear halt all of your time and progress invested in this project. You’re almost there!

Airing out some of those fears now will help to make the transition into your new software, swift, collaborative and beneficial for everyone involved.

You are not alone – here’s some of the most common fears teams face and how to handle them.

#1 My Team Hates Change More Than Doing Timesheets

  • This is by far the most common challenge - and by far, one of the most important ones. Communication is key. If your team’s concerns are understood and addressed, chances are they are more willing to give it a shot.
  • Adopting the new software is key for success. It’s time consuming, but not as hard as you might expect if you take the right approach when implementing and training your team.
  • The right vendor will help make the implementation process easier by asking the right questions, recommending best practices and understanding your organizational process and needs. Also, don’t forget to continue to ask for executive support from your team. Having the right back up will reinforce the team’s confidence.
  • Need more tips? Check out this webinar on How to Overcome Resistance to Change - Project Software Cultural Adoption presented by one of the managers at Dell Inc. who went through a couple software fails before discovering the recipe for success.

Online 1/26/2016
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