#2 We won’t buy anything!

  • This is a very common fear - as it should be. Searching for a project management solution is no easy task. This is not only a big project, it’s a big investment on your company’s side and a lot of responsibility on your side as the project manager. (No pressure, this happens all the time)
  • How do you avoid this? Stay focused on what’s important to your company needs. It’s easy to get side tracked by the bells and whistles of software when all you really should be worried about is feature A, B, and C. Set the agenda with the team upfront, plan out an action plan from contacting vendors to buying software and set deadlines! Setting deadlines is key to avoid stomps, meet objectives and make the right purchasing decision.
  • We didn’t say this was going to be easy, we’re just trying to make sure it’s worth it. So don’t let a squeaky wheel on your team hinder your progress. Put these action items into play and get moving!

Online 1/26/2016
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