No matter what your project is, there are certain steps that always lead to effective project management. While some people are born with strong leadership skills, others learn it, and leadership alone isn’t enough to ensure a 100% success rate. It’s far better to try and test a strategy before that you can consistently rely on and apply to whatever particular project you’re overseeing. By following the simple steps below, you’ll never need to doubt yourself, flail around in disorganization or stress the next time you need to manage a project. Not only will this guarantee that your project is a roaring success, it will ensure that your staff are happy and confident, and that you are calm and in control at all stages. Deadlines and challenges no longer present a problem at all, thanks to the following formula.

1. Plan Ahead

Before you take any action at all, you need to make a clear and concise plan. Not only is this essential to your own individual success, as you need to have a clear goal in mind in order to implement your project effectively, but it is also essential for your team. Make sure they are fully briefed before you start a project so they are aware of what you want from them as a group and individually. They should also be advised on the plan and its different stages in order to be able to do the best possible work for you. The more informed they are of the end result, the better they are able to tailor their contributions. “This makes your team more aware, effective, and any misunderstandings or complications will be found early, and can be dealt with before they present any real problems or issues. Having a clear plan and goal in mind really does illuminate all of the required steps in a project,” says Reinaldo Wooten, Project Manager at Big Assignments.

2. Communicate and Collaborate

While you may have heard the old adage, “Too many cooks spoil the broth,” making sure you promote open and honest communication on a project is a key step to its success. While a lot of project managers will inform their team of what they need, they forget just how much they can benefit from listening to the input of their team. Your colleagues are qualified professionals. Working with them and listening to their ideas can only improve your work as a whole. In the words of Eric Koontz, Operation Manager at Academized, “Collaborating with your team members also means treating them like a valued member of the group – not just a corporate drone carrying out your orders. Making them feel valued and respected makes them work better, and your team will be more harmonious and productive as a result.”

3. Never Sit Back and Relax

While you may put a plan into place, and everything may appear to be going smooth, it’s often the second you take your eye off the ball that everything implodes. In order to be successful, you need to be proactive in addressing potential problems by coming up with solutions instead of being content that your ideas are being well implemented. At the very least, you should be constantly monitoring progress and using analytics (or whatever software is relevant to your business) to stay up to date and make sure your team stays on track. You never know when you could discover a better course of action, and keeping an eye on progress means you'll never miss a beat.

4. Be Flexible

You may know a great way of tackling a certain project. However, being fixed to your own methods rather than taking into account client opinions or thoughts leaves you seeming rigid, aloof, and can be off-putting for your team and your client. “While your way may turn out to be the best way, you need to be open to new methods and possibilities, and willing to discuss why you have taken certain courses of action. Logging discussions and milestones is a really useful habit that can help in situations like this,” says Sarah McCumber, Project Coordinator at Oxessays.

Project management requires a whole array of skills. Following the steps above will help you keep your head above water and deliver great end-results every time.

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