"Our biggest success has been the short time spent explaining to members how each project is structured. The learning curve was shortened considerably."
--J. D., P. Eng., Technical Project Manager, TVOntario

TVOThe Company
TVOntario is a television network dedicated to delivering educational programming to Ontario and the surrounding Canadian provinces. TVOntario's mandate is to serve as an adjunct to the formal education and training systems in Ontario, by using television and other communications technologies to provide high quality educational programs, curriculum resources, and distance education courses in English and in French.

The Challenge
J. D., a professional engineer and technical project manager at TVOntario, was caught in the middle of ongoing confusion among project team members about how projects were structured and which files and documents were the most current at any given time. The team used Microsoft Project for project management.

With a geographically dispersed team working on multiple projects running concurrently, version control problems and extra "housekeeping" were slowing things down. Dzogang said, "Before using Project Insight it was difficult to share information among all the people on the project, since many work from various offsite locations."

The Solution
The TVOntario project management team began evaluating possible solutions, but quickly found that Project Insight was rising to the top of the list. "We didn't have to search a lot because Project Insight had everything and the cost was very reasonable."

The Results
With 12 in-house users of Project Insight, four outside contractors, and a team of 15 users at the Ministry of Education, TVOntario is experiencing greatly simplified project management. Jacquis reports, "We have fewer problems with version control. Project Insight helped us organize our documents within each project. The biggest success in our case was the short time spent explaining to new team members how a project is structured. The learning curve was shortened considerably."