Create multi-part forms for data capture. Multi-step forms allow project teams to take any process document that might be tracked in Word or Excel, and transform it into a dynamic form within Project Insight.

Multi-Step Forms Example
  • Capture project requirements, charters, ideas, stage gates and more using online forms
  • Control editing and changing of steps in the process
  • Report on all information in your forms
  • Print to PDF
Data Input Options
Choose from a plethora of data inputs like HTML editors, drop-downs, radial buttons, checkboxes, date pickers and much more!
Add Approvals to Multi-Step Forms
Route multi-part forms to approvers.

Approvals may be required or not, sequential and approvers may be defined in advance on the form.
Apply Visibility Rules to Multi-Step Forms
Apply 'visibility rules' to drive the fields that appear in the form.

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