Getting Started JIRA On Prem

These instructions are for JIRA On Prem version. If you use JIRA cloud, you can view the PI Integration for JIRA | Getting Started JIRA Cloud article.

Install the PI® Integration for JIRA On Premise in Project Insight > Administration > Get Apps & Add Ons. That's right! It's available on the Project Insight side.


Click Install

This will take you to the "App Installed" layer. Yay! PI Integration for JIRA On Premise has been installed.

"Where to next?" you may ask yourself.

  • Configure: Takes you to the configuration page to connect your JIRA On Premise to Project Insight - Click here!
  • Getting Started: Takes you to this documentation you are reading right now - very meta...
  • Cancel: Keeps you on this page. You'll notice the "Install" button goes away. Click the Your App & Add Ons button at the bottom of this page to go to the Configure page.


You will be asked for the URL to your On Premise JIRA installation, and the login information for your JIRA administrator:

Configuration Options

Upon Save, you'll see the Project Insight

Connect to: This is your JIRA instance

Nickname: If you have multiple JIRA instances, you can rename each instance so they make sense to your PI administrator

Enable Add Projects to PI from JIRA: Do you want projects started in JIRA to move into PI?

New Projects from JIRA added to Folder:
This drop-down selects which Project Insight folder holds your incoming JIRA projects

JIRA to PI Sync Comments: See JIRA comments in corresponding Project Insight tasks?

JIRA to PI Sync Files: See JIRA files in corresponding Project Insight tasks?

Auto-Add JIRA Users in PI: When JIRA does not find a matching email address, we'll add that user to PI as an inactive user.

PI to JIRA Sync Comments: See Project Insight comments in corresponding JIRA tasks?

PI to JIRA Sync Files: See Project Insight files in corresponding JIRA tasks?

Map JIRA Status to PI Work Percent complete Types button: Follow this interface to define which JIRA statuses equal to Project Insight work statuses?

Map JIRA User to PI Users button: If users in PI and JIRA are the same, use this tool to tell each solution who's who

 Under the Default Project Options

Enable Add JIRA Issues into PI Tasks: Do you want Issues started in JIRA to become PI tasks?

Automatically Add all JIRA Issues into PI Tasks: If moving Issues started in JIRA to PI, should this be done upon Issue creation automatically?

New JIRA Issues are added beneath the "JIRA Issues" PI Summary Task:​​​ Check this box to group all JIRA issues into one bucket called the "JIRA Issues" PI Summary Task - This keeps your task list organized if you prefer JIRA Issues separated from the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

Online 2/21/2017