PI Integration for JIRA | Team Member Guide

Automatic Sync Instructions

Automatically send JIRA Issues

If your team has asked JIRA to automatically send issues over to Project Insight, your job is easy. Do your work in JIRA and your project manager will always know your latest status. You've got better things to do than provide updates via email or via cubicle visits. Update JIRA, and PI will do the rest.

Automatically send Project Insight tasks

When your project manager wants you to see a task from Project Insight, you'll see it in JIRA. You can work on the task and send those updates back to the project manager.

Troubleshooting "Automatic"

You may find the "automatic" part of this integration does not work if:

  • Your JIRA admin has not allowed syncing of comments, files or projects (ask him/her to look at the config options)
  • Your JIRA admin does not allow you to send JIRA issues to PI (check the project options)
  • Your PI admin has not allowed syncing of comments, files or has not mapped percent complete types or JIRA users to PI (ask him/her to take a look at the configuration settings)
  • Your PM may need to Re-Sync on the Project Insight side (should be rare)
  • The option to automatically send has not been checked (if by choice, see below to send tasks and issues manually)

Managing Task and Issue Syncing

Managing Issues from JIRA

  • From the Issues page, select the "Add to PI" button from the right side
  • That's it! It's sent to PI
  • If your team has mapped JIRA Progress statuses to PI Work Statuses, you'll see the status change in the right-side fields under Project Insight - Task
Online 1/20/2017