Add Custom Item

Please read the Custom Items overview topic before proceeding to add any custom items, if you have not done so already.

Adding a custom item is done through the Administration > Customization > Custom Items.

The resulting window will display a Custom Item - Add with 3 tabs (General, Input and Display). Completing the forms for each tab as needed will will create a custom item which can be added as an attachment to other items, much like folders and file uploads.


Name is the name of the custom item.

Icon Image File allows you to upload an icon file for the custom item. The icon should be 16 x 16 pixels. This defined icon will override a default icon assigned to the item if this field is left blank.

Auto Number Type sets the numbering sequence for items added.

  • Individual will assign numbers which will be sequential and not unique to this custom item. For example, the first item added will be assigned 1 even though another type of custom item may also be numbered as 1. Individual number assignments will remain unique to the item type regardless of the custom item's parent item or location. For example, the number assignment for a custom sub-item of Project A will not get re-used when a new sub-item of the same item type is added to Project B.
  • Global will assign numbers which will be unique to this custom item for each item added. It will not use the same number which has been assigned to a different custom item which is also set to Global. For example, another custom item type with Global auto-numbering may already have used numbers 1-20. The first item added using this custom item would have to be 21.
  • Folder will assign numbers which will be unique to the folder the item is contained within.

Auto Number Prefix will add a prefix to all of the assigned numbers. For example, you may want all numbers for this type of an item to begin with ACCT so that the first item might be numbered as ACCT1 instead of just 1.

Enable Open/Close adds an open/close data field to the item which is used within the custom item to report its status. This is used in conjunction with a custom data field which allows the item to be assigned to a user so that the assigned user can toggle the item to "Closed" following the completion the objective for the item. The item is always "Open" upon being added when using this "Open/Close" property on the item.

Auto-populate Assigned To with Creator automatically populates the Assigned To field with the creator of the item.

Auto-create system comments adds comments to the item when edits are completed. An "Open" state changed to "Closed" on the item would add a comment as to what was changed, who changed it and when it was changed.

Hide Related Items On Print enables all related items to not be printed.

Hide All Tabs on Print enables tabs to not be printed.


Input Form JavaScript allows for java script to be input for use on the input form for the item.


Display Form JavaScript allows for java script to be used for use on the display form for the item.

The item will become part of the selectable Item Types list within Item Properties  throughout the site. Unless the custom item is a custom sub-item of another specific item, it will need to be configured in the folder properties as an allowable item within the folders the item should be allowed.

After you have added the item, you will need to add User Defined Fields and Forms to it in order to complete the item's properties.

Online 10/6/2016