Add a Project

You can add a project from anywhere you see the add icon in the upper right navigation bar. Most commonly, you will add a project from within the Folder you plan to keep the project. This is according to your organizations folder structure. If you do not add a project from the Folder, you will have an additional required field in the Project Add/Edit form to designate "Parent Item" or "what folder should house this project?"

General Tab

  • Project Insight requires a Project Name and a Scheduled Start Date
  • Every other field is optional depending on your organizations requirements - ask your administrators if they require additional fields for their reporting purposes
  • Time Zone and State are also required, but they pre-populate based on your system settings

In the general tab, you can also initiate the "Import from Microsoft Project XML" if you have a pre-existing .xml file of your project schedule. Please see our Microsoft Project Import/Export articles for more information.

Hover over the Save icon to select the "Save & Display Project" option to start to Build a Schedule.

Additional Fields in Other Tabs

Save Icon

  • Clicking the Save Icon will take you back to your previous page when you clicked "add project"
  • Hover over the Save Icon to see the options "Save & Display Project" and "Save & Add Another Project"
  • Save & Display Project will take you to the Task List to build a schedule 
  • Save & Add Another Project will take you to another Project Add/Edit form - adding the project to the same folder you added the first project
Online 12/29/2016