Add Project - General

Projects can be added within folders where an administrator has configured the folder to allow projects and you have the correct user permissions to be able to add a new project. If these two conditions are met, using the add icon you will see the option to add a new project.

Depending on your administration settings, your new project may be assigned a number. See System Configuration Settings for more information.

Adding a project is made up of details input into 6 different tabs but the number can vary based on permissions and features you have enabled/disabled:

Add Project - General

Name is the official name of the new project.

Copy from Template is for selecting a template for this project. Templates that have been previously created for your company will listed in the drop down box. This option is only available when adding a new project and will not display for editing existing projects. The following additional options are available when using a template. Not selecting any of these options (default) will reset the corresponding values for the new project to blank (null), so that you can provide the values as unique entries for this project.

  • Copy project header fields (i.e. type, sponsor)
  • Copy Companies & Contracts
  • Copy Target Budget

Parent Item displays if the system is unsure where to store the new project. For example, when adding a new project using the add project option on the dashboard. When adding a project from within an existing folder, the project automatically assumes the parent item is the folder you are in.

Description is for entering as much text as needed for a general description of the project.

Add Resources is used to assign resources, project managers and/or project schedulers to the new project. This same function is available after adding the project using the Add Resources to Projects function from within the project. The creator of the project is automatically added as a Project Manager.

Sponsor(s) is for selecting the project sponsors affiliated with the project for reporting purposes from the drop down list. The list is made up of those who have been designated as Project Sponsors in their User Profile - Resource Info tab.

Type is for reporting purposes. The selections available here are set up by the system administrator. See Project Types for more information.

Sch. Start Date represents the starting date of the project and can be entered by either typing in the date in MM/DD/YYYY (default) format or using the drop-down calendar function.

Work Calendar Inherits From is a drop down with the calendars that have been created by the system administrator or project manager. See PI Default Work Schedule(s)for more information.

Time Zone is for selecting the time zone where most of the work on the project will be performed. Users individual time zones are assigned when creating the user. Project Insight will adjust times accordingly. There is also a check box to decide if you want the project to automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

State is an important selection for determining how Project Insight treats the data within the project. The project state setting is used for more than simply reporting.

  • Active pushes the project out to the users and the reports. Once it is active, it will show in the My Account views and Calendars for users.
  • Planning designates a project in planning, so it will not show up in reports, as it is considered to be incomplete data. Archive designates a project as having complete data, but no longer Active.
  • Archive using this state allows the data to be filtered in reports for historical data purposes.
  • Template this state designates this project as one that will show up in the "Copy from Template" drop-down in new project forms.
  • To Delete a project has been changed in the latest version, you can find now the option when on the Task List of the Project and hover over the Edit Icon, one of the options is "Delete" which will take you to the Project Delete page to confirm the deletion of the project.

Priority is an optional field which allows only a user with a User System Roles of PMO Manager and/or System Administrator to enter or change the priority of the project, which will in some cases force a global recalculation of other project priority rankings. A recalculation of other projects equal to or lower than this project will occur if set to do so in the Project Settings.

Status is for reporting purposes. The selections available here are set up by the system administrator. See Project Status for more information.

Status Description is for a brief explanation of the project's status. For example, if a Project Status is changed from on-hold, the Status Description might be "budget suspended, expect to resume Q2 2015."

Import is a check box that notifies Project Insight to bring up an additional page wherein you can browse for the Microsoft Project XML file to be uploaded. If using this option then Copy From Template is unavailable. When save is selected then the following page will be opened for completing the import.

Online 10/27/2016