Add Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks must be added from the full task edit form and must be a new task. Existing tasks will not display the recurrence option in the full task edit form. Click the Add Task icon from within the task list view of the project.

Recurrence Pattern allows you to set the task to reoccur, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. *Note: Recurring Tasks must have a constraint date with a "Must Start On" constraint. Once a Recurrence Pattern is selected the amount of time between occurrences and the range of recurrence must be selected.

Range of Recurrence has two options, either end after so many set occurrences or end the recurrence pattern before a set date.

The recurrence in the above example is being used to create six separate meeting tasks to occur on six consecutive Wednesdays starting on the date of the Constraint Date. The meeting is one hour each Wednesday and has three resources assigned to the meeting for a total of three hours of work for each meeting.

Once added to the task list, you will see a summary task which contains the six meetings and the resources attending each meeting.

The task recurrence option is used as a utility to add multiple tasks into the schedule. The tasks in the list above are independent tasks exactly the same as if they were each manually added one-at-a-time into the project. Editing and schedule changes work within the same rules as any other task in the project.

Online 10/21/2016