Add Task - Predecessors

Clicking the Predecessors tab in any of the Add Task windows will allow you to add predecessors for this task.

This window is for defining a relationship between the new task that is being defined, called the successor, and another task, called its predecessor. You can use it to establish that this task should begin only after a predecessor task has been completed, that this new task should begin only after the predecessor task has begun, or another relationship type specification. This form can also be used to add predecessors from other projects if the Cross Project Dependencies have been set.

Task offers a menu of existing tasks that can be chosen to begin establishing the relationship with the task being created.

Lead/Lag indicates the amount of lead time or lag time that should be allowed in between the selected task and the task being defined.

Days and hh:mm indicates the amount of Lead or Lag time to apply. Enter the number of days and/or hours and minutes of Lead or Lag time. Leave the field set to 0 days if no Lead or Lag time is desired, such as when the task being defined should begin immediately upon completion of the predecessor task. As with duration settings for the task, the use of whole day values is recommended, avoiding any hours and minutes duration calculations.

Type is for selecting the type of relationship that should be created. Choices include:

  • Finish-to-Start: Specifies that the successor task is not to be started until the predecessor task (or Summary Task) has been completed.
  • Start-to-Finish: Requires that the successor task not be completed until the predecessor task has begun.
  • Start-to-Start: Means that the successor task should not be begun until the predecessor task has begun.
  • Finish-to-Finish: Indicates that the successor task not be finished until the predecessor task has been finished.

Example 1:

If you were to create a Summary Task called Budget Approval, then create a successor task called Prepare Samples, you could specify that Prepare Samples have a Finish-to-Start relationship with Budget Approval, which would appear on the Gantt chart as it does below.

This shows graphically that Prepare Samples can't begin until Budget Approval has been completed.

Example 2:

Using the Budget Approval predecessor task and Prepare Samples successor task from Example 1, you could specify that Prepare Samples have a Start-to-Finish relationship with Budget Approval. The Gantt chart would show this relationship graphically as it does in the window below.

See Adding Predecessors in the Quick Task Entry section for more usage detail on the predecessor selection interface.

Online 11/2/2016