Approve Expense Reports

If you have determined you want to submit Expense Reports for approval, set your approval processes in the Administration for Expenses. Continue reading to follow the process for the Expense Report viewer.

How do I approve an Expense Report?

  1. Know when someone has submitted an Expense Report through either your Dashboard or an Auto-alert.
    • If you add the “Time Sheets & Expense Reports” box to your dashboard you can access each expense report directly from there by clicking on the name of the expense report.
    • Your administrator can choose to set up Auto-Alerts.

  2. From your Dashboard or your Expense Report Approvals list, find the right Expense Report to review.
    • Access via the Dashboard looks like this:
    • Access via the Expense Report Approvals follows the My Insight > Expense> Expense Report Approvals.
    • Then select the Expense Report out of the list of those pending approval by clicking the Start Date or End Date hyperlink.

  3. Review your employees’ expenses.
    • Expense Reports look a lot like Time Sheets. Like most pages in Project Insight, click the  Page Display Options to change the way the page is displayed. For example, if you want to group by date or by project or don’t see the columns you need.
    • Your team may have additional requirements for Expense Report approval, but generally look for the following errors:
    • a. The expense entries are for the correct period. If they aren’t, you can select the Page Display Options to choose from the list of dynamic dates.
      b. All the expenses are on the sheet.
      c. All reimbursable and/or billable expenses are marked correctly.

  4. Approve (or reject) the Expense Report.
    • If this all looks correct, you can leave a comment in the comment box, if desired.
    • Project Insight will not make you leave a comment if choosing to approve.
    • If you reject an Expense Report, you will need to leave a comment to explain your rejection.

  5. Your job is done until the next approval or the rejected expense report comes back with changes. Yay!

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Do you have a reason for multiple reviewers for each Expense Report?
Check out our article called Multiple Expense Report Approvers for a work-around

Online 6/21/2017