Archiving Projects

Archiving completed projects refers to the use of the project Close/Archive option from the project edit selections. It is also best to organize archived projects within separate folders from active projects. The reasons for doing this include the following.

  • Control the volume of content in the your project folders
  • Modify permission for past projects so that only certain individuals can make changes to completed projects

Automation of both the move and permissions changes can be managed through these three settings in the System Configuration as referenced in the following page of the online help.

Project Settings Example

  • Automatically Move Archived Projects
  • Allow User Selection of Archive Folder
  • Automatically Reset Permissions on Archived Project

Minimally, projects should be moved upon archiving the projects. Project Managers need to be trained as to this process, especially if the permissions are being changed immediately after the projects are moved. While this automated change in permissions is a good practice, the Project Manager must be aware of this process when archiving a project because it will immediately remove the project manager's control from further changes without the intervention of a system administrator.

Make this change in Administration > Project > Settings:

Online 11/19/2009