Assign Resource by Resource Type

The assignment of a resource by resource type helps to accomplish the assignment of a single resource to multiple tasks. For example, if a 200-task project contains 30 tasks pre-assigned as copy writing tasks, it is possible to assign one resource to all 30 tasks without independently editing each of the 30 tasks to assign the resource.

From the Project Resource page on the Resources drop down, on the corresponding line for any resource, click to assign the particular resource by resource type.

Select the corresponding resource types (you may select more than one) and remember to select any filter options that you may want to apply to the task assignment list through the use of the check boxes to the right of the types selection. Leave all of the check boxes blank to see all tasks corresponding to the selected type, regardless of any existing resource assignments.

To view the assignment options for your resource you must now click to display the task list.

Note the rules available to apply to the assignments as well as the options to selectively apply the rule to all tasks or just to specific tasks.

Additional Task Filtering Options:

Assign to currently unassigned tasks only allows you to filter the tasks to only include those not currently assigned to anyone.

Assign to tasks only starting after allows you to use a date selector to filter the tasks starting after the chosen date.

Assign to tasks only ending before allows you to use a date selector to filter the task ending before the chosen date.

Include tasks that are marked 100% complete Not often used but this filter allows you to reassign tasks that already are marked complete.

Include summary tasks not often used but this filter allows you to reassign summary tasks. This is not often used because most summary tasks are not assigned to a resource.

will apply the selected task assignments.

Online 10/27/2016