Box is an online file sharing system that is good for larger organizations with security needs above and beyond DropBox. For customers who share documents within their organization via Box, Project Insight offers an out of the box integration with Box's file system. The Box integration allows your organization to leverage the power of Project Insight's project management software and document management features like routing files for approval, or adding comments, together with the external storage system and features of Box.

A major benefit of using Box is that files stored in Box and added to Project Insight do not take up space within Project Insight. The files are kept and previewed in Box while links to them are kept in Project Insight's file system. However Project Insight's file system treats these linked files as actual files within Project Insight allowing you do to everything you would normally do with a file or folder within Project Insight, but without costing you space in Project Insight.

Currently Project Insight's Box integration is in beta which means we do not fully support all the features Box has to offer. 

Turning on Box Integration

Activating Box requires a Project Insight System Administrator. Start by clicking the check box found in "System Configuration" under the Security Tab.

 Figure 1 - Enable Box Integration.With the Box integration checked you are now ready to begin synchronizing the Project Insight File System with Box.

Associate your Box Account to PI

Once you have the Box Integration turned on, you now need to associate your Box account with Project Insight. To do this go to "My Insight" drop down and hover over "View Profile", when the side menu pops up select "Edit Profile."Within your profile select the tab "Single Sign-On." This is where you can manage all of your Single Sign-On Accounts that are associated with your Project Insight Account, but for Box enter your full account name within the "Box User Name" field.

  Figure 2 - Associate your Box and PI Account

Automatic Box Account association

If you have not associated your Box account to your PI account when you attempt to synchronize a folder from Box, Project Insight will prompt you to login to Box. The act of logging into Box through the prompt will automatically associate your Box account with your Project Insight account.

Synchronize a New or Existing Folder

Currently Project Insight has focused on the synchronization of folders from Box to the Project Insight File System. You can synchronize a new folder or specify an existing folder within Project Insight to synchronize.Go to any directory and either select an existing folder to synchronize or add a new folder. With the Box integration turned on a new drop down box appears, "Sync with Box Folder." Pressing the drop down will load a list of all the Box folders you can synchronize with.

 Figure 3 - Box Folders to Sync with
To synchronize select a folder, give it a name, and save the folder.

 Figure 4 - Synchronized File System
Now you will see the newly synchronized folder within the Project Insight Directory structure. You will immediately notice a new icon indicating this is a synchronized folder and to the right of the name you will see three new icons. Two icons with a magnifying lens indicate a "preview" button for "preview file" or "preview folder" and will take you to Box to view the folder or file when clicked. The large blue download button also takes you to Box to perform a direct download of the folder.Notice that the Type column displays the standard type of the file or folder but is then post-fixed with "- Box" indicating that this file or folder can be found within the Box system.You can add columns from the Page Display Options that include "Last Synced" Date and a "Synced By" columns. These allow you to see the last time this folder was synchronized and by whom.

Re-synchronization of Folders

Once a folder is synchronized with Box you can continue to update that folder within Project Insight. It can be treated as any other folder within the system, allowing you to add new folders or files within Project Insight and even syncing folders within other synced folders.

 Figure 5 - Inside a Synchronized Folder within PI
Within a synchronized folder a large orange-yellow icon appears at the bottom of the folder view. Pressing this button allows you to synchronize the folder again and get any new folders or files added from Box.To aid in adding folders and files to Box, under the "Add" cross shaped button at the top in the tools menu you will also find a new entry for "Add Files to Box" which will take you directly to Box to add more files or directories to Box.

Idiosyncrasies of Synchronizing from Box

As noted, Project Insight's implementation of Box is in BETA which means some functionalities are limited and others are limitations from the Box system itself. You can only perform a direct download from Box if you are an enterprise user of Box, otherwise you will be redirected to the Box preview and from there you can download the file. Synchronization can only be performed on an entire folder from Box. Synchronization is one way, meaning files and folders are pulled from Box into Project Insight, but no files or folders added to Project Insight are pushed to Box. Project Insight will not attempt to "match" file names from items within the Project Insight File System to those on Box before synchronizing a folder. All items added from Box are treated as entirely new items. However this is only true for items added from Project Insight and not items added from Box. Files deleted from Project Insight do not delete from Box. Files deleted from Box will not automatically delete from PI. Comments added to Project Insight Folders and Files do not synchronize to Box yet. Comments added to Box Folders and Files do not synchronize to Project Insight yet. Deleting synchronized folders or files removes all comments, approvals, and child items permanently without recovery from PI just like any of our normal items. Re-synchronizing will not restore these. Only people who are listed as a Collaborator in Box can perform a synchronization.
Online 5/1/2014