Build a Workflow

Workflow is used to capture information using customized forms with simple rules configured to guide the user through the data gathering process. See the short video above for a brief tour and instruction.

A workflow extends upon the functionality of custom items (forms) by enabling process steps within the forms. A workflow

How to start Workflow

If you have Administration rights, Go To Administration > Settings > User Defined Fields & Forms > WORKFLOW DEFINITIONS



Click on Add Workflow

Provide the appropriate name to your Workflow and a navigation name if you desire.

Navigation name is an abbreviated name for your workflow item and is displayed at the top of the workflow left navigation instead of the workflow name.

Alternatively, provide description to your workflow in the DESCRIPTION tab which will appear on the initial workflow screen.

For Example:

Details of Workflow properties with illustration are explained below:

ICON Image field; it is an optional field, icon size should be 16x16 mm

AUTO NUMBER TYPE field is the type of sequential auto-numbering to be used for the workflow. It can be Individual, Global or Folder.

AUTO NUMBER PREFIX field, e.g, if the name of workflow is User Acceptance Testing, prefix field is UAT.

ENABLE DESCRIPTION checkbox, if checked, enables the description to be available when a new workflow is created.

SHOW THE STEPS HORIZONTALLY checkbox, if checked, shows the steps horizontally on the initial workflow

  • The workflow will appear as shown below, if you enable the above fields.

SHOW CHILD STEP MAX DEPTH field enables to show maximum depth of child step under a parent step. To show only first level of child step , the value should be 1. In case of the field being blank, it will display all the steps.

For example, Two Child Steps are being displayed when max depth is chosen as 2

INPUT : For eg.

The workflow will appear as shown below i.e. displaying child steps along with the parent step.

The STATUS, COMMENT, RELATED ITEMS checkboxes, if checked, will show up in the tabs when you work with the workflow.

SHOW ASSIGNED IN NAV checkbox indicates whether to show or not to show the assigned to individuals in the left navigation window on the workflow

For Example:

AUTO POPULATE ASSIGNED TO WITH THE CREATOR checkbox, if checked, will automatically insert the name of creator when a new item is added.

ACTIVE field , if checked, indicates whether the workflow is active or not.

Click SAVE after the workflow is being created.


Click on WORKFLOW DEFINITIONS to get the list of workflows defined in the system.

Select the workflow in which step is to be added.

For Example; Select User Acceptance Testing.

A setup screen for the Workflow will appear in order to add step.

Click on ADD STEP.

ADD CUSTOM STEP FORM will be generated to fill in the desired details for that particular step.

Provide a NAME to your step and a DESCRIPTION to it.

PARENT STEP cannot be assigned to the first step of the workflow.

ORDER field - Depending on the number of the order, it will be in the order of horizontal steps. For example, if the order is 1, the workflow step is leftmost as shown in the diagram.

The set-up is illustrated below:

SHOW WORKFLOW SUMMARY field shows main workflow summary fields on the initial screen.

SHOW WORKFLOW DETAILS field Shows the main workflow details fields on the display for this workflow step.

SHOW STEPS HORIZONTALLY field Shows the steps horizontally on the initial workflow display screen.

After enabling these steps the output will appear in the following way.

ENABLE COMPLETION checkbox indicates to confirm the completion of the step by the user.

ENABLE APPROVAL checkbox indicates whether or not a step can have an approval process

REQUIRES APPROVAL field provides a condition that step must be approved prior to being marked complete.

Illustrated as shown below:

The above settings would appear in the workflow as shown below:

APPROVAL DEFAULT USERS field is a drop-down list which shows all the users having access rights to the workflow.

APPROVAL SEQUENTIAL field states that the approval will be marked in a sequential manner, i.e.,the approvals gets approved as in the order of the approvers assigned.

Click on Create Approval to open approval request window as shown below:

Click on APPROVERS tab.

Press drop-down tab in order to select users sequentially

Check APPROVERS ROUTED SEQUENTIALLY checkbox so that final approval will be marked in a sequential manner.

APPROVAL REQUIRES ALL APPROVED checkbox if checked, indicates that the workflow step should be approved by all assigned approvers, else the step is not marked complete.

For Example : If the above steps are enabled, it will appear in the workflow as shown;

APPROVED APPROVAL MARKS COMPLETE checkbox, if checked, indicates that the step is automatically marked complete, when approved by all assigned users.

For Example; the request for approval is pending as shown in the fig below.

After the pending request is being approved, it automatically marks it complete as shown below

LOCK ON COMPLETION checkbox indicates whether or not the step is locked when marked complete.In other words, the step cannot be modified once the step is complete.

EDITABLE WHEN PREVIOUS COMPLETE AND/OR APPROVED checkbox indicates that the previous section must be marked completed to allow editing of any information on the next step.

ENABLE CHILD STEPS checkbox indicates whether the step can have child steps. If unchecked, the step can only add questions.

ACTIVE checkbox indicates whether the step is active.


In order to add a custom field , uncheck child step. Question can now be added to the workflow.

* Initially while adding questions to the workflow the appearance would be as shown below.

After choosing to add question to the workflow the following window will appear,

ACTIVE checkbox indicates whether or not the field is active.If not active the field does not display.

FIELD NAME is the default name of the field displayed on the form

INPUT CONTROL is the type of input control the field will use

From the options, choose the one suitable for the task. For example, textbox is chosen for our example.

DATA TYPE: The type of data field will capture.

Choose the suitable data type.

REQUIRED checkbox, if checked, determines whether the custom field is a mandatory field.

REQUIRED FOR COMPLETION/APPROVAL checkbox, if checked determines whether the field is required prior to completing or approving the step

SHOW AS REPORT FILTER checkbox, if checked determines whether the field can be used in reports.

ENABLE GROUP BY checkbox, if checked enables group by functionality in the reports.

ENABLE SUM COLUMN checkbox, if checked enables the column to be summed within the reports.

HIDE ON PRINT FRIENDLY checkbox indicates whether the field can be hidden on print.

Once done adding question to the workflow, with the help of suitable options the workflow will be shown as illustrated below:

Once done providing the required data, click next to go ahead to the next step.


Firstly, enable child step in a ADD CUSTOM FORM that appears while adding step,

Click on ADD CHILD STEP in the Workflow Setup as shown in the fig.

ADD CUSTOM STEP FORM appears on the screen as illustrated below:

Select the PARENT STEP field from the drop down tab.

Give it a NAME and the order number as displayed in the image above to decide its order of appearance.

And fill in other options in the custom form as per your preferences.

Creating the Workflow in Project Insight for a Project:

Make sure the new workflow Item-type is available in your FOLDER. In order to do so,

NAVIGATE to the folder from the left menu bar.

Click on ADD + sign as shown below:

Add the "Folder" and go to ITEMS ALLOWED


Select the name of the workflow which is create by the Administrator E.g. User Acceptance Testing and Click on Save icon.

Click on "User Acceptance Workflow". This will open the window as shown below.

Give a name to the User Acceptance Workflow, - "Test for Software Project"

Assign a Project Insight user from the drop down tab and click on SAVE.

Go to the Folder > Select the "Test for software project"

The final workflow will appear as shown below:

Click NEXT and the first step, i.e., "Definition" of this workflow appears with all its fields as depicted below.

Fill all the Test details i.e. test case title, test case number and test case description and click NEXT.

The Second Step of the workflow is displayed along with its child steps horizontally/vertically as per the selection.

On clicking NEXT, the first Child-Step will be displayed with required fields as shown below.

This Child step, for illustration purpose, has an approval embedded inside it.

For our illustration purpose, the approval is created by the user by clicking on "Create Approval" link. (It will go as per the approval process and we have assumed that the approval gets approved).

In case it is approved, and if you click on this Child step, the workflow will be modified as shown below.

Click in the above example to go to the final step by clicking NEXT.

Online 10/13/2016