Collaboration Tools

"Collaboration" has the connotation in the SaaS world of communicating with others through the Project Insight interface. With this connotation in mind, everything in Project Insight is collaboration:

  • Assigning Active Tasks to a Resource immediately populates their dashboard to begin work
  • Marking a Task complete immediately advances the completed hours for a Project Manager
  • Entering Time immediately changes the Project Health indicators for a Project Sponsor
Everything you do in Project Insight increases project visibility and accountability.

For teams who rely heavily on email or cubicle hopping, Project Insight centralizes those practices into a collaborative environment where others can always seek the latest project updates for themselves.

  • Leave comments and create notifications around those comments for instant reaction
  • Even use @mention in Comments to target the specfic person to want to comment to
  • Use Comment Types to run reports around specific types of comments you make regularly

Add File
  • No longer will your team wonder if they have the latest version of a file
  • Add one or Add Multiple Files to any item (i.e. Project, Task, Folder, Issue, etc.) in Project Insight

Item Attachment Tab
  • Once added, your attachments will always be in the same spot in the "related items" section of the item detail page
  • You can quickly see if any items have attachments in your Project by adding the Attachments column

Add Discussion
  • This chain form of communication is coming back in style for teams who need to coordinate multiple people into one virtual discussion
  • We're retro-chic ... like ironically hip
  • Add Discussion Threads to folders or attach them to any item in Project Insight

Add Article/HTML Page
  • If you think you need it, you'll use it
  • If you don't think you need Articles/HTML pages, you won't use this

Easy to Search
  • Use the magnifying glass to generally search Project Insight content
  • PI also has advanced searching in the form of Search Reports where you can filter your search criteria
  • Do this often? Save your search criteria and find it under Miscellaneous Reports

Communication Settings
  • For teams who need to limit the communication between groups (like keeping your clients communication separate from each other)
  • Project Insight allows for robust limitations of who can see whom

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Online 1/6/2017