Comment Settings

Comments may be restricted from user editing. This is particularly useful when the intended purpose of the comments is to maintain important activity comments with the user, date and time stamp for changes made to certain items. Do not check a box to enable the edit or deletion of comments if the intent of the comments is to log changes which can be referred to later. An unlimited number of comments can be added/logged without the need to remove or purge any previous comments.

Comments activity may be added to Notifications so that the comment is sent to email and included in the Dashboard, see Dashboard Components.

Project Status Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their project status comments.

Task Status Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their task status comments.

Issue Manager Comments: Enable issue managers to delete/edit OTHER users comments on issues.

Issue Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their issue comments.

File Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their file comments.

Approval Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their approval comments.

Custom Item Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their custom item comments.

Event Comments: Enable users to edit/delete their event comments.

Photo: Enable uploaded users' photos to be displayed inline with their comments.

Time Ago for Comment Dates: Enable 'time ago' to display on comment created/updated dates.

Auto-create system comments when significant fields on the following items are updated:

You can select which items (Project, Task, Issue and/or To-Do) should auto-create system comments. Each item shows a list of what the system considers 'significant fields'. When any of these significant fields are updated, a comment will be auto-created when enabled.

Data field updates which are logged as comments when changes are made:


  • Project Type
  • State
  • Status
  • Company Default
  • Company Contract Default
  • Target Total
  • Target Billable Total


  • Duration
  • Work Hours
  • Task Owner
  • Additional Resources
  • Percent Complete (for non-summary tasks)
  • Actual Start Date (for non-summary tasks)
  • Actual End Date (for non-summary tasks)


  • Assigned To
  • Status Type
  • State
  • Project Affiliation
  • Task Affiliation
  • Resolution Project
  • Resolution Task
  • Est. Work to Resolve


  • Assigned To
  • Percent Complete
  • Actual Start Date
  • Actual End Date
  • Est. Resolution Date

  • Custom Items

  • Any data field within the custom item configured to Enable Comment Logs as described in Custom Fields Configuration.
  • Online 10/19/2016