Cross Project Gantt Chart


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Learn how to customize the view of Gantt charts
  • Understand the display options unique to Gantt charts


Some executives like to view all projects in their portfolio together as a cross project Gantt chart.

To create the cross project Gantt chart, navigate to reports and click on the "Create Cross Project Gantt" icon. Use the Display & Filtering Options to narrow the results to the desired projects and run the report.

You can see forward progress with a black line inside the blue bar, and display milestones along the project plan.

You can change the scale of the Gantt chart, click the page "Display and Filtering Options" icon and choose the scale you would like to see the Gantt chart displayed in.

To change the date range, click in the drop down for the date range type. You may choose to enter specific dates or all dates that match the filtering criteria.

Click Run Report.

You may save and share this report with any user in Project Insight using the Save Report icon at the bottom of the report display.

Online 1/3/2018