Culture & Interface Labels

Culture settings most frequently reference date, numeric and currency symbol settings. These common changes are usually made through the selection of the correct Customize Language & Culture Settings on a separate page from the changes we configure in this section. There are more advanced interface configuration options which can be made within this section.

The most common reasons for changes within this section are as follows.

  • Modify the pre-configured culture settings from the default. For example, use a USA date format (mm/dd/yyyy) with a British pound (£) currency symbol.
  • Modify the interface language. For example, replace the English word "Project" with the Spanish word "Proyecto" on interface form labels and report column headings.
  • Modify the content and display of notification email. For example, modify the content of the notification email to display in a language other than the English default .

All of the above settings can be selectively applied to specific Edit Preferences so that some users see interface and email notifications in English while other users see Spanish. This is intended to make the interface more cross-culturally friendly without a complete translation of all data or monetary conversions for multiple currency calculations.

One example for using a custom form label set would be to change the labels for a particular user so that the user sees those labels in another language. A user who speaks Spanish could see the label which defaults to "Project" on the project add/edit form as "Proyecto" if an administrator has created a form set to change it from "Project" to "Proyecto" and applied it to that user's profile preferences.

The first page within these settings allows for adding and naming new cultures as well as clicking the links for existing cultures to edit the custom culture settings.

Current Settings and Editing Options tab is used to set default custom cultures and allow for an administrator to edit form labels directly within the web page displays.

Current System Level Setting defaults to "No Selection" and should remain as such unless you have chosen to use a custom form label set as your organization's default.

Your Current Setting is "No Selection" by default. It is in reference to the setting in your User Preferences and is placed here as well as a convenience in the event that you want to change it while customizing the form label set(s).

Enable Editing Directly on Forms is the easiest method to apply custom labels to the forms exactly where you would like to change them. More information for using this feature is in the Edit Custom Labels topic.

Online 10/11/2016