Customize Specific Culture Notification Templates

Any changes to the templates used for the email notifications (Auto-alerts) must be configured using a template within a customized culture. Notification templates may be customized for a specific language, HTML format and the use of Project Insight tokens (tokens reference data variables). As is the case with any culture customization, ALWAYS thoroughly test customizations on a single test user before applying the templates to other user profiles. You should never plan any customization such that you eliminate the option to switch all users to a working default.

Master Templates

Developing custom master templates require experience with HTML, email content delivery and email security. Project Insight support does not provide assistance for these skills, however,Project Insight Professional Services does provide services to customize email templates per customer specifications. Customers are encouraged to submit change requests for custom master templates to Professional Services for review and quotation.

The Email Master Templates contain the framework for the email notification formatting. Changes to the overall look of the email notifications are implemented in the master templates. Changes to the company logo, content fonts and layout are made to the master templates so that the many specific item-based email templates do not need to be individually managed to change the overall style of the email.

One simple example of a change to the master template would be a customization to change the logo. Copy the HTML content from the System Default of the Master Template into the Custom tab and change the image source of the logo with a simple edit. Searching for common HTML graphics references (i.e. 'img') and files (i.e. gif, png, jpg, svg) will quickly find image references within your HTML content.

Detailed Content Delivery Customization

Content within the message of email and online notification is customized through the many optional item-specific templates provided. As with the master templates, some of these detailed items do contain extended HTML content as well as tokens to reference the data contained within the email content. For example, a Project notification includes the project purchase order number data field by default and you may choose to remove the token for the project purchase order data item if you do not reference purchase orders on your projects.
Online 10/7/2016