Custom Items

Custom items allow you to define a new item and attach custom fields to it, resulting in a data form within which the data fields are defined by the Project Insight administrator. A custom item works much the same as a file, folder or thread in that it can be attached to other items throughout the system. New custom items will show up in My Reports so that reports specific to the data within custom items will be available.

Custom Sub-Items are used to define the item type within which a Custom Item must reside. For example, a custom sub-item of a project is a custom item that is only available as an attachment to a project. A custom item of a project could not be added to a folder or any other item, only to a project. The allowable item types which allow custom sub-items are projects, tasks, issues and other custom items.

Note: Custom items should not be used by any organization that has not yet established a thorough knowledge of the system architecture for the existing Project Insight item types (i.e. folders, files, threads, articles, projects, issues and approval requests). You may have arrived at this help topic looking for information specific to a custom item configured by your Project Insight administrator. You will need to contact your administrator for further information regarding the use of the custom item as configured by your administration.

Instructions for administrators to add and configure custom items are contained in the Add Custom Item topic.

Online 10/6/2016