Customize Language & Culture Settings

The following interface is presented when selecting a custom culture which was added to the list in the Culture & Interface Labels.

Information for the tabs on this page is briefly explained below with links to more detailed topics on each one.

Customize Specific Culture General is for the most common changes. This includes currency symbol and date format selections.

Customize Specific Culture Items, Entities and Objects is for advanced configuration of labels for forms within the interface.

Customize Specific Culture Systems List are system-set values which are most commonly presented in the interface as drop-down and combobox selections.

Customize Specific Culture Miscellaneous Text is free-floating text within display pages which is commonly used for user-guidance, but not used as a label for a specific data field.

Customize Specific Culture Notification Templates contain the HTML content and variables used for notifications which are sent via email and displayed in the dashboard notifications section.

Customize Specific Culture Import/Export allows for culture settings to be exported to Excel or to be overwritten/updated with an Excel import.

Online 10/11/2016