Dashboard Components

Dashboards enable you to centralize and easily access the information that is important to you.

Dashboards can be customized by adding different components of information. The following explains the different components of information that are available.

See Dashboard for a complete overview of how dashboards work and how to create, customize and manage them.

Note* All components available in Project Insight are always listed in the Dashboard Options menu and that can't be changed. However, your organization may not use all the items listed.

Adding a Component to the Dashboard

  • While the dashboard is displayed, hover on the Display Options icon in the main menu for the form.
  • A list of all the available components that can be added and some other display options appear in the drop down list.
  • In some cases, there are sub-menus which are indicated by the next to them. If there are sub-menus, hover on the main menu item and then the sub-menus appear. In those cases, click on the sub-menus, not the main menu.

  • To add a component to the dashboard, simply click on it from the Dashboard Display Options menu (or sub-menu).

Changing the Display Options of the Component

Some components have individual display options that you can set to change what information is displayed in that component. If this option is available for the component, a Display Options icon appears in the title bar. Once the component is displayed on the dashboard, click on the icon to change that components individual settings. These settings are explained in each section below if they are available.


  • Dashboard - Approval Requests Tile are approval requests within which you are set as an approver. This enables you to see all the approval requests that are assigned to you. Options for the Approval list include:

    Hide pending approvals once I complete my portion of the approval - if there are multiple approvers, check this option to hide those approvals that you have completed (either approved, denied or skipped), even though there are other approvers from which action is still required. Leave it unchecked to see the approvals that you've completed but other approvers haven't yet completed their portion (in that case, the approval is listed, but you won't have any Approve/Deny capability because your portion is completed).

    Show open, completed approval requests for # days after approval is complete - There are two separate life cycle states for an approval. Open/Closed and Pending/Approved/Denied. An approval can be approved or denied but still be open because the originator hasn't yet closed it. If checked, this option shows open approvals that have been approved or denied (i.e. completed) if their date falls within the number of days set.

    Show closed, completed approval requests for days after approval is complete - This is the same as above except it shows the approvals that were formally closed.

    Show open, incomplete approvals regardless of status that still require my action - If there are multiple approvers and one of the approvers denies the request, the entire approval gets set automatically to be denied even if the other approvers have approved it or it is still pending for them. Check this option to see those types of requests, where they were denied by someone else even though you haven't reviewed the approval.

    Show open, approval requests that are denied - these show all open requests that have a status of denied. No matter whether you denied it or someone else did.

    The rest of the option designate whether or not you want that detail to appear on the component list.

  • Dashboard - Approval Notifications Tile shows active approvals which are set up to notify you upon final approval and/or completion of each approval step. Options for the Approval Notifications include:

  • Dashboard - Approval Requests I Requested Tile are active approvals that you requested. Options for the Approval Requests I Requested include:


Calendar lets you open up a standard calendar interface to view your to-dos and tasks within a calendar interface.


Charts lets select from a large list of pre-defined charts to add to your dashboard. The options for each chart vary depending on the chart selected.


Dashboard - Issues Tile are open issues currently assigned to you. Options for the Issues List include:

Dashboard - Issues Managing Tile are open issues which have been assigned by you. Options for the Issues Managing List include:


Notifications will display all notifications that have been created by auto-alerts and require your attention.

Project Requests

Project requests show project requests to which you have been assigned. Options for Project requests include:


Dashboard - Projects Tile shows projects to which you have been assigned. Options for the Project list include:


You can configure up to 4 saved or shared reports to display on your dashboard. The options for each are the same:


Search add a search box to your dashboard to help you quickly find information by entering keywords or using the Advanced Search option for more search filter criteria.


Dashboard - Tasks Tile is a list of tasks assigned to you within various projects. Options for Tasks include the ability to control the number of calendar days from now within which scheduled start date tasks will display. For example, you may only want to see tasks on the list which are scheduled to start within the next seven days.

Time Sheets & Expense Reports

Time Sheet & Expense Reports is a list of time sheets and expense reports which are pending action. These will include reports you have submitted and those which need approval by you if you are an approver.


Dashboard - To-Dos Tile> presents a list of to-do items that have been assigned to you. Options for the To-Do List include:

To-Dos Managing Tile shows to-dos that were assigned by you. Options for Managing the To-Dos include:

Web Pages

You can configure up to 4 URLs to display on your dashboard. The options for each are the same:

Work List

Dashboard - Work List Tile shows all items that have been assigned to you. Options for the Work list are extensive since it includes a variety of item types:

Online 11/1/2016